Ft. Myers Beach & Sanibel Food Guide

Food guide for Ft.Myers Beach, Estero Island, and Sanibel Island.

Great Seafood- Green Flash

Dessert- Royal Scoop Ice Cream

Breakfast- The Island’s Pancake House

Fancy Diner- Bayfront Bistro

Night Out Liki Tiki BBQ

Casual by the Beach- Pinchers … More Ft. Myers Beach & Sanibel Food Guide

Key Biscayne Kinda Day

While summer still up for discussion, and labor day quietly creeps up, I wore my Elan white sheer beach pants over my one piece swimsuit, along with my sun visor from Nordstrom Rack, that I have been obsessed with lately. I love that the sun visor matches almost anything with its tan color, and adds a pop of drama with the black velcro strip. Its also convenient being that it can be rolled up into my purse when I’m on the go. … More Key Biscayne Kinda Day

Univision Internship Recap

For as log as I can remember, Ive had a passion for the media and journalism industry. Whether it was collecting magazines from a young age, the creation of this blog, or sitting down at 7pm to watch Guiliana Rancic anchor on E! News, the industry has always held an important place in my life growing up. Originally wanting to be an anchor, I realized the importance and love I had for digital content and decided to pursue a career in digital instead, leading me into the discovery of management in within media. … More Univision Internship Recap