Ft. Myers Beach & Sanibel Food Guide

Food guide for Ft.Myers Beach, Estero Island, and Sanibel Island.

Great Seafood- Green Flash

Dessert- Royal Scoop Ice Cream

Breakfast- The Island’s Pancake House

Fancy Diner- Bayfront Bistro

Night Out Liki Tiki BBQ

Casual by the Beach- Pinchers … More Ft. Myers Beach & Sanibel Food Guide

Easy & Delicious Pesto Chicken Au Gratin

Once the chicken is completely cooked, it can be added onto white rice for a complete meal. With uncertainty, but hopes for the best, this plate was dinner approved by the ones I love, and I hope you’ll love it too! … More Easy & Delicious Pesto Chicken Au Gratin

Univision Internship Recap

For as log as I can remember, Ive had a passion for the media and journalism industry. Whether it was collecting magazines from a young age, the creation of this blog, or sitting down at 7pm to watch Guiliana Rancic anchor on E! News, the industry has always held an important place in my life growing up. Originally wanting to be an anchor, I realized the importance and love I had for digital content and decided to pursue a career in digital instead, leading me into the discovery of management in within media. … More Univision Internship Recap

Threefold Cafe Review

In the newly constructed Giralda Plaza of Coral Gables, you will find this cozy yet modern chic, Australian based cafe. Expanding, this is there second location, with their original one in South Miami. If you’re looking for a new relaxing cafe for your morning coffee, or a quick healthy bite, this is the place for you. … More Threefold Cafe Review

Homemade Lo Mein

This week I decided to try some new dishes myself, after realizing how bad I’ve been eating lately. I’ve been going through a time period in which I’ve relied mostly on junk food, which has been making me feel super sluggish and it’s just not working. I don’t usually eat like that, it’s just been a … More Homemade Lo Mein